Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett empowers members and guests at Access Dorset.

On Wednesday the 22nd of May Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett had the pleasure of doing a motivational speaking presentation to Access Dorset. The presentation was attended by the charity employees as well as guests from the local and national communities.  Access Dorset is a charity that is unique in that it is  run by and for disabled people, the elderly and carers.  Being run by and for disabled people empowers the charity to have first hand knowledge and sensitivities to the concerns and needs of the impaired and disadvantaged members of the U.K. Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett is passionate about assisting in such ventures and as one of the leading motivational speakers in the world, shared valuable nuggets that this worthy charity can adapt into their own projects and build on.

Jayne Robertson Of Access Dorset said.  “Last Wednesday evening we were very fortunate to have a Motivational talk given to our first Wellbeing event.

Mrs Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett in action, reminding us how volunteering not only benefits our communities but also the person donating their time, the importance of planning in being successful, the benefits of thinking outside the box and many other inspirational thoughts to lift us up.”

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