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Motivational Speaking/Life Coaching

As a motivational speaker I regularly speak to schools, universities and businesses giving a valuable and refreshing insight into the keys to success, how the court process works and my encounters with racism.

I believe that everyone has something to offer, that we should always strive to do our best and to achieve our goals. Many need motivation to fulfill their true potential.As a former community magistrate, used to public speaking at schools and colleges, I was invited into local prisons to speak to young offenders, to offer them practical advice and to understand their needs with a view to showing them that there was another path to follow, a chance to break the cycle of re offending. Initial hostility and distrust soon gave way to full engagement and my dialogue sessions are now fully subscribed with governors reporting marked changes of attitudes amongst attendees. A simple innovation, just offering words of understanding and advice, has made a tremendous impact and has in turn helped me to reach my true vocation.

It would be my pleasure to present the following topics at your next event.

Making the right choices in life

We each have choices in life, choices are turning points in our lives, Choices define who and what we become. Choice is everywhere, making the right choice is crucial for you and those you touch in your everyday life. Should we go by gut instinct or by logic?

Role models

One of our biggest educational challenges is to motivate young black men especially. It is vital that we improve the chances of our young black boys. Too many are failing to reach their full potential with the result that there is social and economic disharmony. These black youths need to see that there are alternatives, that  there are opportunities available to them.We need black male role models that they can relate to and identify with people who have overcome adversity to forge successful careers.

Experiences as a black magistrate.

Having served as one of the few black magistrates in a semi rural Dorset community, I soon realised that many of my ageing colleagues were slightly racist and very out of touch with the modern world. We desperately need a more equitable and inclusive civic society. My presentation on my experiences will not only give an insight into the life of a magistrate but will also raise awareness of  racism and how to prevent and deal with it.

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